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Making the invisible visible to save you money

"If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it."

Peter Drucker

Optima measures your energy consumption and pinpoints what needs attention. Making the invisible visible through a well-designed, ongoing utilities monitoring and targeting programme can generate energy cost savings in the range of 10% - 20% per annum.

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Optima’s services can also lead to a range of operational improvements that will increase your overall business efficiency, including:

  • 1
    Unit operating cost reduction through better plant productivity
  • 2
    Cost reduction through lower repairs and maintenance, and extended asset lives
  • 3
    Better management information about assets, potential plant upgrades, plant downtime causes, product costings, cost allocation, energy savings verification and business operating modes
  • 4
    Reduced utility wastage and capacity pressures, such as transformers at peak times, power factor correction, air, water and gas leaks, wastewater treatment requirements and discharge permits
  • 5
    Reduced CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions, and improved environmental sustainability
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The power of an Optima energy monitoring and targeting (M&T) programme

There is usually no silver bullet for saving energy – it’s lots of incremental changes that add up to a sizable gain. An Optima M&T programme is the best way to identify and implement the maximum amount of savings opportunities available in your business.

We scope your situation using leading edge metering technology, analyse the granular data collected to diagnose the causes of wastage and inefficiency, offer technical advice, and create a plan to help you reduce energy costs.

We work in partnership by giving you ongoing access to the data, and providing the tools to detect adverse events and trends, advisory services and practical technical support during the term of your contract with us.

This way of working means you get flexible, bespoke and valuable solutions at a lower cost.

We know where to look to save you money and reduce your carbon emissions


By using our technical skills and working with your staff or contractors, we identify which energy-using plant or areas should be measured. We interrogate the collected energy data and correlate it with other variables, such as production, to see where the problems and issues are. This process shines a light on many potential improvements, including:

  • Changes to plant or site operating procedures
  • Better management of plant downtime and/or running speeds
  • Optimising controls settings on electric motors, compressors, lighting and HVAC
  • More timely and less expensive plant and equipment maintenance detection
  • More efficient machine set ups and changeovers, less plant downtime
  • Reducing heat loss, and gas and water leaks
  • Better boiler management and efficiency – including regular tuning and combustion analyses
  • Compressed air leak reduction and better management of compressed air use
  • Improving refrigeration compressor and other plant energy performance
  • Optimising HVAC energy performance
  • Better technologies, eg LED lighting, smart controls, efficient electrical motors
  • Reduced carbon footprint through more efficient energy use and, where viable, fuel switching

We can help your business lower energy costs

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