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A fresh new force for smarter energy usage and lower energy costs

We want to help New Zealand businesses become more energy efficient, improve productivity, and reduce their carbon footprint – in an efficient way, at an affordable price.

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If you work for or with one of the following types of organisations, let’s talk about energy savings

  • 1
    Mid-sized manufacturers, food and beverage processors (site energy spend of $200k+ per annum)
  • 2
    SMEs with energy bills of $100k+ per annum
  • 3
    Industrial cool stores and packhouses
  • 4
    Large industrial sites, including meat, dairy, fish and wood processing
  • 5
    Commercial and institutional buildings
  • 6
    Multi-site retail chains
  • 7
    Public sector buildings (especially those requiring NABERSNZ ratings)
  • 8
    Hospitals, tertiary institutes, universities and schools
  • 9
    Central government departments and agencies, and local councils
  • 10
    Hotels, recreational and entertainment facilities
  • 11
    Ports and airports
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10 reasons to make Optima your first choice for energy management solutions

Finding extra cost savings and efficiencies has taken on a new urgency in these COVID-19 times. Our end-to-end approach not only empowers utility cost savings of 10% to 20%+ per annum, but makes it easier to do so.

1. Affordable

  • Competitive pricing
  • Bundled monthly equipment rental, software, reporting and service fee
  • Self-funding – the monthly fee can be well covered by savings within months
  • No upfront capital or pre-project fees
  • Can be funded out of opex
  • Strong return on investment

2. Effective

  • A bespoke end-to-end service designed to maximise savings
  • Utility data is provided in real time
  • Centrica Energy Insights tools are proven internationally and locally
  • Optima’s package – granular data, analytics, technical input and ongoing partnership – is proven to deliver the best results

3. Simple and easy

  • Smart, compact measuring devices that include the sensor and CT in one unit
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Easy to add to or relocate if necessary
  • You can access your real-time energy data 24/7

4. Low risk

  • 6 - 8 week trial option available
  • You can implement a programme in stages – especially effective for a large site
  • If you wish, you can terminate the programme any time after 12 months and return the electrical measurement equipment to us
  • This flexibility and payment solely through a monthly service fee makes gaining project approval and subsequent administration easier

5. Fast and efficient

  • Electrical metering equipment is nearly always supplied within 10 days and can be operational within 2 – 3 weeks
  • Little or no delay between payment and data availability
  • Receive data and notifications in close to real time (ie within minutes) so you can respond quickly
  • Identify savings opportunities promptly

6. User-friendly

  • Real-time data is presented in an easy-to-understand, accessible dashboard format which can also be customised
  • Get immediate anomaly notifications online or via smartphone
  • Our experienced, industry-specific experts work with your staff to turn insights into action

7. Flexible and adaptable

  • Our work encompasses all main utilities (electricity, gas, water) and correlates their use with activity-related metrics
  • Our M&T system can be customised, modified or extended as required or desired
  • We can customise notification thresholds (by subload), report formats and frequency
  • Our experts have experience across a range of energy-using plants, processes, industries and organisations
  • We can help identify and capture opportunities for improving your operation’s wider productivity
  • We can adapt the timing, type and frequency of assistance you want from us

8. Smart

  • Our M&T programmes use world class, reliable and proven technology, software, analytics and reporting techniques
  • We offer market-leading New Zealand technical energy efficiency expertise

9. Continuous improvement

  • Continuous monitoring of energy, plant performance and production data fits well within a continuous improvement programme. It underpins ongoing improvement in energy use and other areas such as:

    • Repairs and maintenance costs and preventative maintenance schedules
    • Reducing loadings on equipment
    • Optimising plant utilisation individually and collectively
    • Pre-empting and reducing plant breakdowns
    • Detecting and fixing gas and water leaks
  • These changes can extend asset lives and improve overall productivity

10. Carbon reduction

  • We’ll help you develop measures to reduce your carbon footprint and potential carbon-related costs, as well as your overall energy costs
  • We can help you measure, track and report your reduction in energy-related CO2 emissions
  • We can advise on, and help you apply for, government funding through EECA for feasibility studies, demonstration projects or other initiatives eligible for funding from time to time
  • We can procure broader sustainability expertise and services to complement our services as you require

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