Save energy the smart, easy and affordable way

Get complete clarity and control over your energy use

Does your business spend more than $100,000 per year on energy?

Do you want to save 10-20% off your monthly utilities bill?

With an Optima energy monitoring and targeting (M&T) programme in place for electricity, gas, water, steam or air, the invisible becomes visible.

We help you understand your energy consumption, pinpoint issues and give you a blueprint to reduce energy use and increase operational efficiency. Which helps you lower costs while making your organisation and New Zealand’s economy greener.

All for a simple monthly fee.

Take control of your energy use

How we help you lower energy costs

We bring together the best metering technology, real-time analytics and technical expertise to diagnose your energy wastage and recommend a programme of ongoing improvement.

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Smart, tailored, affordable services

From simple, effective energy monitoring and targeting, to full site audits, feasibility studies and energy management plans – we’ll do what it takes to find you the most savings, in an affordable, low-risk way.

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Why Optima

Optima is a fresh new force in New Zealand’s energy management industry. Our expert team is here to make it easier and faster for you to capture substantial energy savings and improve your bottom line.

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Optima – doing things differently, to make a difference for you

Innovations you’ll get with us

  • 1
    An optional 6 - 8 week trial of our integrated energy data measurement, data analysis, dashboard reporting and alerts, to see how the service works before you commit to a wider programme
  • 2
    The flexibility of an initial 3 year term plus an ongoing right of renewal, with the right to vary or terminate any time after 12 months
  • 3
    The option of taking a partial site approach initially, and implementing a programme in stages
  • 4
    One monthly service fee that covers metering equipment rental, data analysis, AI software, automated alerts and reports, and technical advice
  • 5
    No upfront capex requirement
  • 6
    Metering equipment delivered to your site and ready for installation within 10 days of order
  • 7
    An action plan with data analysis and recommended savings measures
  • 8
    Prompt, up to the minute automated notifications sent directly to you or a colleague to alert you to usage variations, adverse trends or when loads hit pre-set thresholds
  • 9
    An ongoing partnership to continuously lock in savings and capture new ones

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