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A unique, bundled service for a simple monthly fee

Optima is here to make saving energy smart, easy and affordable. Our unique bundled service combines modern technology, bespoke software, advanced analytics and technical expertise for one monthly fee. You’ll get well-founded, accurate and timely information, expert advice and recommended solutions. You won’t be left to wade through data or reports, or have to interpret insights on your own. We’ll do the heavy lifting to help make energy savings easy.

Ongoing monitoring and targeting (M&T) programme

Real time granular energy measurement

Optima uses smart, compact sensor and transmitter hardware, developed in Israel, to collect energy data.

For electricity, gas, water, steam and air usage, M&T is widely known as the best way to identify and generate the most savings – and ensure they’re maintained. M&T targets savings opportunities and helps you implement and lock them in over time (monitoring).

M&T involves:

  • Putting metering or systems in place to drill down to energy performance at equipment level across your site, facility or portfolio
  • Tracking how much energy or other utility services are used, where and when
  • Using real time data and technical expertise to pinpoint waste, anomalies and inefficiencies
  • Diagnosing the causes
  • Developing and recommending solutions
  • Helping you implement and enhance those solutions
  • Providing anomaly notifications and user-friendly dashboard reporting
  • Monitoring performance against targets and identifying trends
  • Ensuring your savings are locked in and improved upon over time

We will undertake a data-driven engineering analysis of your site’s energy performance as part of your energy M&T programme.

Access to real time data, 24/7

Your monitoring data is always available to you online whenever you want to see it. We provide training on how to access and understand what you’re looking at.

Your data is stored securely in the cloud at all times with appropriate mechanisms to keep it confidential.

Energy data analysis

We use Centrica Energy Insights software for unparalleled visibility into energy consumption across your entire business – from the site down to device level. This AI-powered software, developed by expert Israeli software developers, enables us to use advanced analytics to unearth multiple savings opportunities within your business.

Centrica has deployed hundreds of thousands of sensors across 40 countries, giving rise to many successful case studies. Its system is proven and world class.

If you are already generating and storing energy and operational data, develop a mechanism to ingest and review it from a BMS or SCADA system into our database. We can also do a portfolio-wide energy performance analysis to identify and compare energy usage by individual sites with the portfolio average or against usage by the most efficient sites, and drill down into each site’s performance.

Energy savings action plan

An energy savings action plan is a cornerstone of Optima’s M&T programme. It combines data analysis with technical assessment and expertise to give you a practical and live blueprint for energy savings specific to your needs. After we create your plan, we’ll work with your staff to support its implementation.

And together we’ll update it when necessary in light of learnings, events and changes to technology or utility prices, site processes, operating hours and production output or mix.

User-friendly data dashboard reporting

Centrica’s performance dashboard reporting is part of an Optima M&T programme. It provides a single view of your entire site and/or portfolio so we can visualise and monitor performance.

For large, complex sites, we can customise the Centrica formats, or develop dashboard reports for you on a bespoke basis.

Real time energy alerts

An Optima M&T programme includes real time notifications of anomalous energy usage patterns derived from Centrica’s Energy Insights AI software. These notifications come through by email and/or your smartphone.

Settings can be customised for individual subloads or equipment as desired, and can be set up for usage variations, adverse trends, and preset load thresholds.

Project-based services

Optima is customer-driven and solution-driven. Therefore, in addition to our main M&T programme, we offer a range of additional services that can be part of a total package, a new business requirement or a one-off service.

Stand-alone energy site reviews or audits


If you just want an energy audit, we can arrange a walk-through site review or a Type 1 or Type 2 audit, the latter as set out in the Australasian Energy Audit Standard. These assessments will provide a ‘slice in time’ view of some of your potential savings opportunities, especially through upgraded technologies. They can also pinpoint where new or additional metering would be most beneficial.

Some form of site data-driven assessment or energy audit is necessarily part of an M&T programme, giving you the benefit of greater insight into what’s happening on your site.

Energy management and energy systems optimisation programmes

These are formalised management tools based on EECA criteria for grant funding. As with an M&T programme, data and/or engineering analysis is used to improve energy efficiency over time. Energy systems optimisation primarily involves optimising energy use through systematic adjustments to specific equipment and processes.

Data is the tool that helps identify, measure and validate those adjustments

We offer these services separately although they can be broadly encompassed within your M&T programme.

Feasibility studies

We can conduct in-depth evaluations of process and fuel options for applications such as process heat, and emerging technologies such as solar PV.

Carbon and sustainability reporting

We can use your energy performance data to produce monthly energy related carbon emission reduction reports. We can also provide input to your overall company sustainability reporting.

Power factor correction

Many sites either have, or over time can develop, variable or low power factor. Some electrical lines companies charge a penalty for power factor below 0.95. We can both detect and rectify this problem.

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